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Baseball Drills, Baseball Strategy &
Tips on how to Play the Game of Baseball.

Baseball Builds Character.... be part of the Construction Crew!

          Baseball Drills

Base Running Tips & Drills
Bunting Drills: Regular Bunt & Squeeze Bunt Drills
Fielding Drills: Bucket Ball
Fielding Drills: Doing One Thing at a Time Drill
Fielding Drills: Getting Into The Zone Drill
Focused Hitting From a Tee Drill, or Hitting China
Hitting Drills: The Fence Hitting Drill
Hitting Drills: Two and One Hand Soft Toss Drills
Using A Pitching Machine For Ground & Fly Balls

         How To Play the Baseball Positions

Position Playing
The Art of Catching

Different Pitches and the Reasons We Throw Them
How Does A Pitcher Throw A Curveball
How To Prevent Pitching Arm Injuries
When and How To Throw A Curveball
When and How To Teach The Curveball


How To Hit A Baseball By Ty Cobb
How To Hit A Baseball With Authority and Power
(featuring Mark McGuire, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio)
How To Properly Bunt A Baseball
Tips for Avoiding Strike Outs
Tips for Hitting With Two Strikes
Tips for Hitting With The Perfect Stride
Tips for Hitting With A Level Swing
Tips for How & When To Bunt

         Baseball Strategy

Pony, Colt & Palomino Baseball Pitching Rules
Pony, Colt & Palomino Baseball Tournament Pitching Rules
The Squeeze Play
Using Stats To Make Out A Lineup
Using Defensive Independent Pitching Statistics
When Should You Bunt In A Game?
When Should You Squeeze Bunt In A Game?

Baseball Tip: Coaching is About Encouragement


Baseball Rule Myths
Coaches: How to Take Care of Your Pitcher's Arms

How Coaches Should Handle Umpires
How To Be A Great Base Coach
Sports Coaching Versus Corporate Coaching
The Art of Playing Baseball with Your Son
Tips for Coaching Youth Sports
Tips You Can Use For Being A Good Baseball Coach
Using Defensive Independent Pitching Statistics
Using Stats To Make Out A Lineup
What It Takes to Be a Good Coach
Jason Lohr's School of Baseball

     Baseball Psychology & the Mental Side of the Game

Do You Have Big Dreams?
Have Greater Success With Visualization
How To Win At Anything You Do
The Difference Between A Winner & A Loser
The Major Causes of Failure In Sports
What Does Adversity Do For You?
What the Boston Red Sox taught me about Resiliency
You Can Have What Your Really Want

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