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Soft Toss Drills

Two Hand Soft Toss

This is your typical soft toss with the batter hitting the
ball into a screen, but we are going to add some interesting
variations to it.

Toss the ball inside, center and outside to the hitter and have
him pull, hit straight away, or opposite field.

Then toss the ball high into the air so it comes down into the
strike zone and tell the hitter to be disciplined and wait till
the ball falls into his zone.

Next, stand about 10 feet or so behind the hitter and toss the
ball through the zone having the hitter hit the ball out in front.
It's important to have the hitter keep his head in on the ball
and not pull the head out on an inside pitch.

If you are inside and using rubber balls, you can also bounce
the ball into the zone for both the side toss and behind toss.

One Hand Soft Toss

Take a T ball bat and have the hitter use his lead hand. (right
arm for a rightie, left arm for a lefty) Then simply soft toss
the ball into the zone.

This teaches proper movement of the lead hand to the ball.

Vary where the coach tosses the ball.

Toss the ball high in the air so it will fall into the strike zone,
tell the hitter to wait for the ball to come down into the zone.

This teaches discipline.

Dave Cole

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