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Getting Into

The Zone Drill


Teach your players how to Get Into The Zone with this
fun fielding drill

Getting Into the Zone Drill

Coach sits on a milk crate about 20 feet from player who is standing
up. Coach rolls the ball to the player who correctly fields the
ball then tosses it back into the coach's glove.

After about 10 rolls, introduce a second ball into the game releasing
it at the same time the player catches the rolled ball. Keep the
rolls going at a steady pace and as the player gets accustomed
to two balls going, enter a third ball into the game.

The action can get quite fast paced as there are only seconds
between each ball being rolled. Coach and player must stay

As the action progresses, you'll find in order for player and
coach to catch and throw the ball, you'll need to totally leave
all distractions behind and be in the zone where you become
totally focused and immersed in the game going on.

Continually tell your player to stay focused on the ball.

Usually when a player is handling all three balls coming at him
and making good throws back, he is in the zone where everything
around him seems to disappear and all that is left is what he
is doing.

Of course give lots of praise when the session is over for how
well the player was able to maintain his focus and then talk to
him about how his performance was at peak while in the zone.

This is a good drill to use indoors. I also use 3 different
balls for this drill. One a regular baseball, a yellow rubber
ball like used for hitting machines, and an old discolored
baseball or one painted a florescent orange or other bright color.

You can even use a different sized ball like a softball in the drill.

A variation of this is for the player to first use his glove to
catch and then bare hand the ball.

Dave Cole

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