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Ten Major Causes Of Failure
Christos Varsamis

Lack of a specific purpose in life. You can not hope to succeed
in any field of your life if you don’t have a central purpose. If
you don’t have a definite goal in your life then you will jump
from one activity to another with no success. Almost 97% of
people think and act this way. That’s why successful people, who
have a clear goal in their life, are very few.

-Lack of education. Most of the successful people are “self
educated” or “self made” as individuals. You can have five
college degrees but if you don’t apply this knowledge it’s a
waste. What counts is the applied knowledge with a plan of action
and not just knowledge.

-Lack of self discipline. Discipline means self-control. You must
control yourself and decrease your negative habits and qualities.
If you don’t conquer yourself, it will conquer you.

-Procrastination. It is one of the major causes of failure. These
kind of people are waiting for opportunities come to them instead
of seeking for the opportunities. They think that some day the
time will be right to act. That “right” time never comes.

-Lack of persistence. Most people are good starters but they stop
in the run when the first obstacles come. Obstacles are a chance
to become better. They are ways to use your mind and improve your
self. Quitters can not hope to success of any kind.

-Being negative. If you are negative then your whole world is
negative. Your subconscious mind tells you that you can’t do it.
Your subconscious mind commands your conscious self that you
“really” can’t do it.

-No risk at all. If you are extremely careful and take no risks
then you can’t expect to make the difference .There are many
opportunities out there for you to grab. Being over cautious
limits you to mediocrity and leads you to failure.

-Wrong selection of associates. This is very critical. We can not
do everything ourselves. The colleagues we work with are a
capital for our business. Successful and intelligent partners are
one of the keys for our own success.

- Divide you actions. This is a typical mistake. Spreading your
energy and efforts on multiple causes and not concentrating on
one cause. Sooner or later you will realize that you will not
succeed to any of them.

- Lack of honesty. This is the master key of success. Without
honesty your credibility will vanish in no time and you can not
hope to expand and of course retain your business. People are not
as stupid as you think. They can understand the fake, maybe not
immediately but in the long turn run they will go away and spread
around the world negative messages about you.

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