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The Fence

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The Fence Hitting Drill

The fence hitting drill teaches the hitter to have an inside the ball
or compact swing.

Have the player stand parallel to a hitting screen or batting
cage netting. Hold out the hitters lead hand to just touch the
screen, then swing from that position.

The bat should not hit the screen.

Once the hitter takes 10 swings against the fence, then have the
coach stand about 10 feet behind the hitter and toss the ball into
the hitter's strike zone. Hitter will swing at the ball without
hitting the fence.

Tell the player to keep his head on the ball as many players will
try to hit an inside pitch and pull their head out too soon. It's
really difficult for them to do, but it can be done. Also tell them
to hit the ball out in front which will prevent the hitter's
from starting their swing too soon and result in hitting the

You can also place a tee next to the screen and have the player
hit off the tee.

Dave Cole

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