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Tips on How To Bunt A Baseball

Bunting is an important part of the game and we stress proper execution
of the bunt. There's nothing more discouraging than calling a squeeze
bunt and having the bunter pop up for a double play.

There are three very important things to remember when bunting:

1. Get the ball down on the ground.
2. Focus exclusively on the ball and NOT on what you have to do.
3. Be comfortable and relaxed at the plate.

The old school of bunting had a bunter lay the bat in a flat
plane which led to a lot of pop ups. The new school of bunting
has the bunter holding the bat at a 45 degree angle.

How to Bunt the ball:

The bunter simply slides his back hand up the barrel of the bat
to about the mid way point, again holding it at a 45 degree angle
to himself. This gives a much better chance at bunting a high
pitch down than a bat on a flat plane.

An inside pitch should be bunted to the hitter's pull side,
outside pitch to the opposite field, a pitch thrown down the
middle can be placed where the bunter wants the ball to go,
anywhere except right back at the pitcher.

(See our Milk Crate Bunting Drills for help with placing the bunt.)
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For low pitches, the bunter bends moves his whole body downwards
in a crouch.

Most importantly is for the bunter not to think about what he
has to do, but to focus exclusively on the ball itself. If the bunter
is uptight or his bunting stance is uncomfortable, this will
draw attention away from his focus on the ball.

Bunting is not hard, but it takes a real focus on the ball
to get it executed right.

When bunting for a base hit, the most common problem is the
bunter starts off running too quickly before the ball reaches
the strike zone. If bunting for a base hit, have the player
remain in his normal hitting stance until the last possible
moment, then the element of surprise is to his most advantage.

Have him stay in the box until he has actually bunted the ball.

Dave Cole

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