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Bunting is an important part of our game and we use several
drills to help the hitters learn the right way to bunt.

We use about 3 dozen old balls and three or four milk crates.

First we tell the bunter to bunt only strikes. The coach sits on one
milk crate about 15 feet from the bunter and tosses the ball
in and out of the strike zone. This is bunting drill really helps the
bunter learn when to bunt and when to pull the bat back.

We place the other three milk crates (or 5 gallon buckets) one straight
away, one to the left side and the other to the right side about 10
feet or so from the bunter.

We then tell the bunter to bunt the ball into the appropriate
crate or bucket depending upon whether the ball is thrown inside,
out or center of the zone. It's a lot of fun for the kids and
with this bunting drill they learn quickly how to bunt (push) the ball
where they want it to go.

Squeeze Bunt Drill

Next we'll tell them to do squeeze bunts stressing they must get
the bat on the ball no matter where it's pitched. We throw the
ball everywhere and only occasionally in the strike zone.

Since we are only a few feet away from the bunter, we throw a
lot of pitches right at him and he knows that it won't hurt since
we aren't throwing fast and it's from only a few feet away.

We take away the center milk crate and try to get the bunter to
place the ball if possible into one of the side milk crates
since we really don't want a squeeze bunt going right back to
the pitcher.

This makes the bunter use a bit more focus on not only what he's
got to do, but learning good execution of the squeeze bunt.

Dave Cole

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