When Should

you Squeeze Bunt

in a Game?


Strategy for Squeeze Bunts

We like to squeeze bunt a lot in Pony baseball because it works
a high percent of the time. Many Pony teams have no idea how
to defend against the squeeze play and most pitchers don't catch
it in time to throw far enough out of the zone to prevent it.

However, there are factors such as how well the batter is doing
and the stage of the game to consider. A low scoring game with a
competitive team against us, we will squeeze if I don't have a
heavy hitter up to bat. With a good hitter at the plate, I'm
going to take my chances with an extra base hit or long fly
ball to score.

Usually in Pony baseball the lower part of the lineup is weak
so we will use them to squeeze a bigger part of the time than
the upper part of the lineup.

Even with two outs and a weak hitter at bat, if I think the
infield is sleeping and the boy can get a base hit or the fielders
will throw the ball away, it's a safer bet to squeeze than to
have the batter hit away, again it depends upon my confidence
in the hitter's ability to bunt and whether I think he can
at least put the ball in play or will strike out.

Also remember: if you have more than one runner on base and the
tail runner (s) are going on the pitch too, you put yourself in position
for an easy triple play if the bunter pops up.

Whether we will squeeze bunt on the first pitch is usually
determined mainly by how well the pitcher has been making first
pitch strikes. If he has a high percent of first pitch strikes,
then we will go for it, if not, we usually take one pitch before
squeezing home the run.

Dave Cole

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