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Win the Inner Game of Success --
The Dynamic Path toward the Life You Most Desire!
Copyright © 2005 Coach Don McAvinchey

Do we all want to live lives of deep satisfaction and success?
Sure, who wouldn’t? However, most of us have been knocked around
by life enough to begin to lose our faith that our dreams are
actually reachable.

I’ve had to fight this challenge myself, and I’ve come to believe
that it is entirely possible for us to succeed and reach all of
our dreams.

And that means you, too.

How do I know? Because I’m succeeding, as a Spiritual Coach,
winning the inner game of success.

If I can do it, I absolutely know that you can too. Why? Because
I’m nobody special, just a guy who had a dream to help as many
people as possible. (Maybe ‘people’ like you…).

Far too many times, we are exposed to good ideas, and then we
watch them wash away in the laundry of our lives.

Is there another choice?

Yes. But first we have to look at what gets in the way. There are
of course lots of obstacles, but four big ones that stand out.

I call these roadblocks The Big Stoppers:

* Big Stopper #1: Taking action that either doesn’t help - or
actually takes you in the wrong direction - away from your goals
and dreams.

My clients know this all too well. So often we step into our
dreams with excitement and enthusiasm, and end up taking steps
that don’t matter, that are really ways to avoid the tougher,
more demanding, “real” steps – the steps that will really make a

I know, I’ve done it too, so it’s okay to admit it.

* Big Stopper #2: Waiting – It’s simple: The fast eat the slow.

Procrastination stops success cold. It just does.

We can no longer afford to sit and think about this idea or that
one, weighing them out endlessly. A person geared toward success
steps into the dream, jump-starts the enthusiasm, and gets going.

In this day and age, it’s the fast that eat the slow, and we all
know it—don’t we?

* Big Stopper #3: Dramatic so-called “life problems”.

Problems drain us of vital energy. They can give us a little
emotional “juice”, due to the “drama factor”. But this juice
comes at a high cost.

The cost is this: we lose faith in ourselves and our ability to
have the life we most desire.

If your life is full of so-called problems, then it’s hard to be
able to see, conceive and believe that you can have a life that
really works, a life that moves you forward to accomplish your
dreams. Problems create a funk in our hearts and minds.

Is it possible to have a life that is problem free? I believe it
is. I believe that when we act from our own integrity, taking
care of our Selves first, then problems tend to disappear.

* Big Stopper #4: It’s not just about success. It’s about You.

Successful people aren’t all that special. They are subject to
the same debilitating, stultifying barriers as the rest of the

And their struggles have little to do with their ability to
access “resources”. These are so bountiful; you could fill a
whole library with the wisdom published by successful people.

The problem is that they don’t believe in themselves, at first.

To Win the Inner Game of Success, we have to start with You!

I want you to get to the point where you believe in YOU, in your
ability to stretch into your life, your ambition, and your

Let’s “sell” you on who you can become and what you can
accomplish. Your path toward success can be REAL, if you’ll only
let it be.

I’m here to tell you that your life is worthwhile. You can make
a difference in your own life, and greatly contribute to the
lives of those around you. You can be an incredibly valuable
human being AND make a ton of money!


First, you begin to take the steps needed to eliminate energy
drains and stop focusing on drama-based “problems”.

You can then start fulfilling your needs and pursuing your dreams
step by step, creatively and enthusiastically, until they are
actual and real.

Is this possible? Yes it is.

What will it take for you to step forward?

Courage. Determination. Support. Guidance and Mentoring.

And never, ever giving up.

Excerpted from “Win the Inner Game of Success—The Three
Greatest Mind-Tools to Achieving All of Your Dreams!”

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