The Squeeze Bunt

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The Squeeze Play

There's nothing more exciting in a big game than to have a
proper execution of a squeeze play to bring home a big run.

You should practice the squeeze play a lot before implementing
it in a game.

(See our bunting drills page for some good drills for squeeze bunting)

When Executing the Squeeze Play:

It is vitally important that all players understand:

1. The runner and the bunter must both know for certain a squeeze
play is on! It's pretty scary to have a runner going full speed
down the line and the batter getting ready to take a full cut
at the ball.

We have our players acknowledge to the coach to make sure they
got the sign. Even still, we tell the runners, if the hitter
does not show bunt and starts to swing, to either get down flat
on the ground or run away from the baseline towards the dugout.

It's far better to have an out than to have a line drive seriously
injure the runner.

2. With the squeeze play, the bunter must, he absolutely must
get the ball down on the ground and bunt a pitch that is thrown
anywhere. Too often kids will pull the bat back it it's not
a strike, so this is where practice comes in and consistently
stressing the importance of getting the bat on the ball during
a squeeze play.

3. The bunter executing the squeeze play must be relaxed, calm,
in control and totally focused on the ball, he cannot think about
what he must do, that puts pressure on the bunter and subsequently
takes away from his focus on the ball.

Dave Cole

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