A Story of

Resiliency and The

Boston Red Sox


What the Boston Red Sox taught me about Resiliency
David Pynn

Hello Valued reader,

You just have to ‘tap your caps’ to them.

No matter if you are a baseball fan or not; even if you love the team or can’t stand them… you have to marvel at how they did it.

My name is David Pynn; I’m the guy that helps people grow their businesses.

Amongst my coaching clients, conference calls and other obligations in October, I had to take some time and see them do it.

What you ask?

I had to see the self-proclaimed ‘idiots’ make baseball history.

For those reader’s not familiar with this story, let me fill you in.

The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball team in North America. They have not won their Leagues Championship series (The World Series) since 1918.

Are you familiar with Babe Ruth?

He was once a player on the Boston Red Sox and was traded to their hated rivals… the New York Yankees. Some fans say a curse was born that day, as since that trade 86 years ago; the New York Yankees have won numerous titles and World Series victories. On the other hand, the Boston Red Sox have seen nothing but disaster.

But the faithful fans of Boston have held true to their team for decades. Some fans born and died without ever seeing their favorite team win a Championship… at least until this year.

The Major League Baseball playoffs are a month long event where a Champion is crowned. To win the World Series, a team must go through and defeat 3 different teams in a “best of” format.

Series One is a “best of 5” format, and Series two and the final series are “best of 7” formats.

The Red Sox won their first series against the Anaheim Angels. It went all 5 games, and was a great series. Unfortunately for Boston, the Yankees won their 1st series and advanced to play them in the 2nd Series.

Let me set this up for you…

The media was a frenzy, everything from Babe Ruth and the curse to years past with the Yankees winning over Boston was all people were talking about.

Some people say that this is the best rivalry in North American sport.

The best of 7 format went like this… Games 1 & 2, and games 6 & 7 were played in Yankee Stadium while Games 3 to 5 were played in Boston.

The Yankees went on to win the first 3 games of this series, and take a 3-0 lead in this best of 7 playoff. Game 2 made the record books as the final score was 19-8. It was the highest scoring game in Major League History.

The verdict was is… no team in Major League Baseball history has ever come back from a 3-0 series lead to win a playoff series. The Boston Red Sox were done. Another year of disappointment for the Boston faithful, and yet another year where they lost to the Yankees.

Most teams of men and women would have called it a season. Being down 3-0 in a best of 7 series brings out many emotions: frustration, disappointment and even a little anxiety.

But this team taught me about resiliency remember?

How do you stare history in the face, and re-write it?
Simple… you take it one game at a time.

To make a long story short, the Boston Red Sox won the next 3 games to tie the series and force a final game 7, where they beat the Yankees 8-3 in Yankee Stadium.

These self-proclaimed ‘idiots’ did it. They went on to win the last Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. It only took them 4 games, and they made the best team in baseball look foolish.

So how did this team re-write history? By looking at it as a problem, and working to solve it.

Their problem was everything from a curse to 86 years of failure to the weight of a city on their shoulders.

How do you concur a problem… a problem that you may see no way out from and the chips are stacked against you?

You can break any problem down into 4 simple steps… no matter how big or small the challenge may be.

I warn you – these 4 steps work every time!

1. Intention – You have to want to change something before you can change it.
2. Willingness – Do the things you need to do change an unwanted habit or trend.
3. Commitment – Set a rock-solid contract with yourself not to fail no matter what.
4. Observation – Take a few minutes each day and observe how the process is going.

If you are not happy with the result after a period of time, then change your commitment and willingness. Intend on working hard to element the situation. Continue to observe your actions to element any habits that may let you fall back into the old routine.

Believe me, it won’t be easy. If it were easy, then anyone could do it.

Whether it’s quitting smoking, loosing a few pounds, getting out of debt, building a business or winning a Major Baseball League Championship; these 4 steps can help you focus and concur the issue.

Feel free to send over an email on what your big problem is that may want guidance and help in overcoming… don’t worry – I won’t tell a soul!
I look forward to helping you solve your big problem

Make it the best week of your life!

David J. Pynn
International Success Coach 

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