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White Ash

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Hitting With Northern White Ash Baseball Bats
William Smith

Ash is called a ring porous hardwood because early in the growing
period the tree makes big cells. Then later on the cells become
much smaller and denser. The zone of big cells each year is in
reality the weakest portion of the wood--large cells mean a lot
of void space and poor strength. (Oak is also a ring porous
wood.) Well, if you develop the ash too slowly, then there can be
a larger proportion of large vessels, which means the wood can be
weaker; too fast means too weighty as there will be too many
dense, small cells. So, it is critical to find the right growth
rate that maximizes the properties of the wood.

Bat selections change from competitor to competitor. It does not
always depend on your power or particular muscle mass to figure
which kind of bat is going to improve your performance at the

Northern white ash baseball bats are the most well-received
baseball bats because they are not as weighty as the popular
maple wood counter parts. While maple is touted as having greater
durability and longevity, northern white ash baseball bats are
more cost effective.

The implement being only as good as its user, your northern white
ash baseball bat will dispatch equally as long as the esteemed
maple wood bats if you focus on the basics of what it takes to be
a good hitter. Pro players will boast that they are able to get
as many as 2000 hits off of one bat, and it would not be a
northern white ash baseball bat.

It is feasible to accomplish the same endurance with a northern
white ash baseball bat by not swinging at poor pitches. Foul
balls are hitting a part of the bat that sends a wave of energy
like an earth rocking tremor down the to the end of the bat,
circling through the knob, and racing right back up.

All that activity is jarring the outer circle of the bat, not to
cite how you as the hitter can sometimes even sense that uneven
power come reeling up through your own nervous systems ganglia
like a shocker. Your bat deserves better choices being made. As a
hitter, you understand if you have to reach out for that pitch,
it is likely to go out of control.

Each time your bat gets the g-force of a pitch outside its ideal
center point for hitting, it is receiving a fissure splitting
damaging wound. Northern white ash baseball bats will give you as
much fulfilment and achievement on the field as any around, just
be sure to make sound decisions before you swing!

Wood bats are typically made of Northern White ash, or Rock
Maple. These woods are used because they are very powerful, yet
they are also fairly light. Ash is still probably the most common
wood, but rock maple is becoming more and more accepted because
of its durability. some may dispute maple provides a little more
pop. Selecting a good piece of wood is important to durability
and to how well the ball jumps off of the bat.

William Smith lives in Florida with his wife and three cats.
William writes frequently on many subjects that may be of
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