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Pony Baseball started with 6 teams in Washington Pennsylvania in
1951. Now nearly 30,000 teams, over 450,000 players,
and 4,000 leagues make up Pony Baseball in almost
30 different countries.

Pony Baseball not only teaches young players fundamental skills of
the game, preparing them for play at the high school level; but
also teaches them valuable life skill that will help them develop
into adults that can make a contribution to society.

Pony baseball plays under regulation baseball rules, the
differences are that the bases are 80 feet and pitching
distance 56. Games are 7 innings. There is a 10 run rule after
5 innings of play.

Pitchers are allowed to throw up to 10 innings a week,
and no more than 7 innings in any one 24 hour period.
One pitch thrown in any inning constitutes one whole
inning pitched.

Pony, Colt & Palomino Baseball Pitching Rules

Pony, Colt & Palomino Baseball Tournament Pitching Rules

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Protect Our Nation's Youth

There are currently over 375 Major League Baseball players who
are graduates of PONY Baseball. Mark McGuire, Tony Gwynn,
Bobby Bonilla, Jeff Cirillo, Roger Clemens, Alex Fernandez,
Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripkin Jr., Brett Saberhagen, Alex Rodriguez
and J.T. Snow are just a few of the Major League players who
have participated in PONY Baseball.

PONY Baseball is organized with two-year age brackets.

Shetland League - ages 5 and 6
Pinto League - ages 7 and 8
Mustang League - ages 9 and 10
Bronco League - ages 11 and 12
PONY League - ages 13 and 14
Colt League - ages 15 and 16
Palomino League - ages 17 and 18

For PONY Girls Softball, leagues are operated for fast pitch
and slow pitch on an "and under" age concept.
Pinto League - age 8 and under
Mustang League - age 10 and under
Bronco League - age 12 and under
Pony League - age 14 and under
Colt League - age 16 and under
Palomino League - age 18 and under

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