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How To Find A Good Pitching Machine?
Doug Mahopac

Pitching machines are a unique commodity that can work to
address any problems you may be having inside the batting box.
Whether you are a Little League star or a professional baseball
champion, the benefits of using a quality pitching machine is
numerous. However, the task of choosing a sound pitching
machine are often overwhelming, as each machine has a different
quality, attribute, and cost associated with the machinery. If
you are in the market of choosing a good pitching machine for
yourself or your baseball star, consider these pointers.

First, look to a pitching machine that is soundly build and
uses quality materials. This will not only allow you to invest
in a better quality machine, but also get the most use out of
your pitching machine. If necessary, you may need to expand
your budget in order to purchase a pitching machine that is
able to hold up through standard wear and tear associated with
practices. Even though you will be investing a greater amount
of money in the beginning, you will save by not having to shell
out cash for costly repairs or even replacement of the entire

Next, look to a pitching machine with several options in
regards to the style and speed of pitch. This is critical if
you are purchasing the machine for a younger player who will
need to expand his or her game in order to successfully take
the faster pitches. Furthermore, the biggest complaint that
coaches have the pitching machines is their ability to
perfectly replicate a pitch each and every time. This
replication allows the player the comfort of knowing exactly
what type of pitch to expect, which is not the case when it
comes to actual play or practicing against a human pitcher. By
having a machine that can vary the speed, style, and location
of the pitches, you will be able to better perform on the

Additionally, choose a machine that is built solid enough for
your needs. Develop a budget and work to find options within
your price range that are appropriate for your needs. A
beginning baseball or softball player does not need a pitching
machine that is found in commercial batting cages or in the
equipment rooms of professional ball clubs. Furthermore, an
advancing player may need a machine that can advance with his
or her skills. Having a player practice with an inappropriate
machine is often as detrimental as not practicing with a
machine at all. Once you have established your needs and
budget, begin looking on the market to find an appropriate
pitching machine that meets all of your criteria.

Keep in mind that the purchase of a good quality pitching
machine requires you to have an appropriate area in which to
house the machine itself. Often, smaller years are prohibitive
of the permanent installation of the pitching machine without
also installing a batting cage. Consider looking to a portable
machine that you can take with you during practices to ensure
both the machine and the player has ample room to practice.
Furthermore, safety is a huge concern when it comes to the
purchase of a good quality pitching machine, so you should
invest in the proper protective gear, namely a well constructed
batting helmet.

When looking to purchase a pitching machine, consider your
local sporting supply store. Often, the purchase of more
professional machines requires you to turn to a store that
specializes in softball or baseball merchandise or a catalog
that sells directly to the general public. The World Wide Web
is an excellent tool for both researching and purchasing high
quality pitching machines, so consider this another option
during your search.

About The Author: Doug Mahopac specializes in Sports Equipment and

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