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Put Your Hand On The Finest Firstbase Gloves
William Smith

A "regular" glove or mitt is made for first basemen who catch
left, and throw right, and is the most common type of glove.
"Full Right" is for lefties who catch right, and throw left. Full
right gloves are often referred to as "southpaw" gloves

When looking for perfect firstbase gloves, you have a few
considerations to bear in mind. One of the fundamental rules to
remember is picking the glove that best suits your position. When
it comes to being a first baseman, for instance, you should put
your shopping blinders on and just keep your eyes open for a
first baseman's mitt. If you were going to play catcher, on the
other hand, of course, you would only shop round for a catcher's

Firstbase gloves and other gloves for particular positions have
fixed features that are designed to specifically meet the
particular position's needs. The simple example for this is the
additional padding in a catcher's mitt, which helps absorb the
jolt of the pitcher's fast balls and curve balls.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for gloves is
the glove webbing. Bear in mind that two types of webbing exist:
closed and open. Closed webbing is superb for a pitcher, who
customarily likes the closed webbing because it helps conceal the
ball from hitters. Open webbing is great for active fielders,
like short stops, who need to be able to get the ball out of the
glove at the fastest possible swiftness.

Take a look at what kind of material the gloves are made out of,
too. Experts point to three contrasting main types of glove
materials. The first and second kinds come from leather, in
either the plain or treated styles. In this second kind of
material, chemicals are added to the leather to make it
'treated,' leading to a quicker break-in time, increased
protection, and superior shape consistency.

The third type of materials are plastic and man-made materials.
These are used mostly in gloves for youth players, who usually do
not play daily. Frequent use of these synthetic gloves can lead
them to wear down much quicker than leather ones.

Of course, when it comes to your hand, you should also take into
account how firstbase gloves feel. The glove should be of a size
that's effortless to handle and control. You should be able to
open and close it rapidly. And you should feel your fingers
fitting snuggly in it, though not too tight. You want to put as
much effort into buying your glove as you would picking out

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