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Buying Better Baseball Gloves
Lee Dobbins

Buying a good baseball glove can make a world of difference in
your game. You need to buy a glove made from quality materials as
they will last longer and be easier to use. And, of course, make
sure the fit feels right. While you may want to buy a cheaper
glove - sometimes it just doesn’t pay as your game will suffer.

One thing you need to do is research the different manufacturers
and price ranges. Find out which on is the best bang for the
buck. Select a few makes that appeal to you then head out to the
store and try the gloves on. Making sure they feel right and fit
right are important. Here’s some tips on what to look for in
different types of gloves.

Catchers Gloves

Are you a serious player or just mess around behind the plate
every once in a while? This could be a big deciding factor in
your decision on which glove to buy as a good catchers glove can
cost you hundreds of dollars. If you only play a few times a
year, then a professional grade glove might be too expensive for
you. On the other hand, the good quality gloves are better made
and more durable so it will probably last you a lifetime. The
high quality gloves will feel better and also work better.

When picking out a catchers glove you need to fit it to your
hand. The pattern size of the glove is a measurement from the
gloves heel where your wrist is to the top of the palm of the
glove where your fingers start. A small glove for youths
typically measures 8” to a foot, and an adults glove has a
measurement of 12 or 13 inches.

Baseball Gloves For Women

Baseball isn’t just for boys and now more than ever young girls
and women are joining in this all American sport. There is a
special challenge, however for women when shopping for baseball
equipment and especially baseball gloves. Most baseball gear is
still manufacturer with men in mind, and women, whose hands are
much smaller, may have a hard time finding a good fit to their

Women shopping for baseball gloves need to look for gloves
designed to fit a smaller and feminine hand. If you are fitted
with a glove appropriate for the size of your hand you will find
that you will play better. Look for smaller finger stalls which
will give you better control An adjustable wrist strap is
desirable as it will allow you to adjust for fluctuations in
fluids that can make your wrist a bit larger or smaller.

First Base Gloves

Any first baseman will tell you that first base gloves are very
important when it comes to playing baseball. One thing to look
for in a good glove is to buy the right kinds of materials and
webbing you need in a glove for playing at first base.

The most important thing is to thnk about how the glove feels.
You should buy a size that feels good and is easy to handle. It‘s
important that you can open and close the glove quickly and that
your fingers have a snug fit but not too snug.

Shopping for the right baseball glove is as important as getting
the right footgear or sneakers. Take your time and pick out a
good glove and you might see your game improve!

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