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How to Break In

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How To Break In A Baseball Glove
William Smith

There are numerous different methods for breaking in a baseball
glove, and each procedure has its supporters and detractors. If
you asked a dozen different baseball players how they break in
their baseball glove, you will probable get a dozen conflicting
answers! We propose checking with the manufacturer of your
baseball glove to see what they propose, as gloves made from
dissimilar types or grades of leather may have contrasting

You learn how to break in a baseball glove as soon as your
capable to hold a baseball mitt with one hand. It was a time
honored custom in my family each winter. Come late October or
early November, after the leaves had already fallen and been
raked up and when the air smelled like smoking chimneys and snow,
my dad would take me down into the garage.

With a confidential amount of ingredients, a few old stained
rags, and our elbow grease, we set to work breaking in a new
glove so it would be ready to play catch come April.

Everybody's dad perhaps has their private formula for what
ointments, homespun compounds, and techniques used. Whatever the
means, the ends justify the means. A broken in glove means that
is has been softened up, adding flexibility and comfort. In
addition the soft leather, a broken in glove also has a worked-in

Of course, experts out there can tell you that your dad's
baseball glove alchemy was all hokuspokus. They'll tell you that
there are no secrets on how to break in a baseball glove. The
finest and more commonsense way to do it is to merely apply oil
that's specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure to rub
the glove oil on every glove portion, including the inside and
the laces.

This oil helps the glove remain moisturized so it won't dry and
crack. The glove webbing can also not come unsecured. Best of
all, according to the experts, this oil won't damage the glove,
whereas many other compounds can.

The other compounds encompass everything that only a dad could
come up on how to break in a baseball glove. There's foam shaving
cream, Vaseline, saddle soap, mink oil, or tanners glove oil.
Some confidential glove recipes even call for you to put the
glove in the oven for a few minutes to bake in the foams and
oils. Whatever you select ' your dad's family custom or modern
science ' hopefully you'll find your glove soft and prepared to
play come springtime.

The two fundamental goals of breaking in a baseball glove are to
first soften the leather and then to create a pocket in the
glove. No matter what you do, most will agree that the most
effective way to break in a baseball glove is by using it!

William Smith lives in Florida with his wife and three cats.
William writes frequently on many subjects that may be of
interest to all. Discover all the joys and secrets of baseball at

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