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Bodybuilding For Baseball Players!
By: Ryan Mclane

According to Dick Mills, Arm injuries come from weak legs, and hips. That is why the most important way to increase your throwing capabilities is to exercise your legs. If you exercise your legs, you get tree trunks that can hold up against anything. With these tree trunks you can get a better push off the rubber (if you are a pitcher) or just throw faster if you are any other position. You see, with weak legs, you only use your arm to throw a baseball. When you do that, you increase your chance of blowing your arm out. When that happens, baseball isn't fun anymore.

But what I recommend for throwing exercises are:

Triceps Kickbacks
Front Lateral Raises

What Dick Mills recommends not trying are these exercises.

Bench pressing with the bar - use dumbbells *
Military press *
Clean and jerk - (shoulder and back)
Upright rows*
Dips *
Lat pulldowns behind the neck
Preacher or concentration curls (elbow) *
* Exercises which I find don't hurt at all.

Now for batting. Batting really has no exercise problems. that way, I
recommend that you use hip exercises ( hips supply the power), so you
should do a lot of side twists.

My recommended Batting exercises are.

Side twists
Triceps kickbacks
Overhead Triceps Ext.
Side lateral raises
Upright rows

Ryan Mclane

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