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The American Baseball Uniforms
William Smith

You have to hand it to the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Red Sox, the
White Sox, the Cardinals, the Tigers, and the other teams who
have retained or gone back to their traditional look.

Something happens inside anyone who puts on a baseball uniform.
No matter your age, you feel youthful. No matter your vocation,
you become a competitor. No matter your talent, you feel as if
just wearing that uniform will allow you to go beyond the status
quo and transform to a spiritual awareness that is simple and

You can win. You are donned in the garb of the greatest pastime
on the planet. A sport fueled by the drive and hunger and
determination that is at the heart of every American, those
qualities that identify this great country and all that it stands
for: autonomy, success, liberty and independence. Few other
sports are characterized by how they stress the skill of the
individual player.

It is team, but it is solo. Only you are at bat. Only you can hit
the ball and make a play happen. You have your number. It is your
uniform. You make the play. By far the most absorbing aspect of
baseball uniforms as this great American past time has evolved is
the socks. Each team's identity was distinguished by the stocking
colors, and the names customarily followed suit.

Emblems on the socks were an additional symbol, but were not
important as they are today. The press was the source responsible
for the use of nicknames for the different ball clubs, and they
were consistently inconsistent. In 1901, the Detroit Tigers
established the first constant display of an emblem by placing a
small red tiger on the black, wool caps that spurted a tendency
of fans wanting to acquire a authentic Tiger cap, a passion that
lives on even today!

Try to deal with a manufacturer. They should use the same
American made fabric, Visa polyester, which is worn at the major
league level. They should cut and sew all of their own lettering
and numbering in-house. Their customization should truly define
their quality. You’ll have that new look year after year. They
should guarantee the craftsmanship on all of their products.

A question to ponder-Why do high school, college, and pro
baseball coaches have to wear baseball uniforms to coach when
their counterparts in football, basketball, hockey, track, etc.
don't have to wear their particular sport's uniform?

William Smith lives in Florida with his wife and three cats.
William writes frequently on many subjects that may be of
interest to all. Discover all the joys and secrets of baseball at

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