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The Nike Baseball Gloves
William Smith

Nike baseball gloves are a somewhat new endeavor for the company,
although in recent years they have grown in approval. The company
offers gloves in two product lines : "Pro Gold" and "SDR", with
Pro Gold being the higher end gloves selling for higher price,
and the SDR gloves selling from mid to higher price. Nike
baseball gloves offer a "dri-fit" finger lining designed to keep
the hand cool and dry, as well as a tanning process they claim
makes Nike baseball gloves available for immediate use on the

Nike baseball gloves are just the latest product put out by the
sporting goods and clothing goliath. Nike has long been known for
its sneakers, its specialty sport cleats, it workout gear, its
hats, and its sports gear. Only recently, however, Nike has
endeavored to apply its one of a kind take on sports to the world
of baseball gloves.

The outcome is a bat that in recent years has gained in status
and popularity. Their gloves comes in two different styles, Pro
Gold and SDR. Pro Gold is the higher end product, which sells for
usually over one hundred dollars. SDR gloves, on the other hand,
price in the range of 60 to 100 dollars.

Both Nike baseball gloves come with particular features like the
"dri-fit" finger lining. This unique lining is meant to keep your
hand cool and dry no matter how hard you run to grab that fly
ball, or how many times the batters smack a grounder your way at
shortstop. Another attribute on both models of gloves is the
special tanning process that Nike implements. Nike claims the
tanning process makes their gloves ready to be used on the field
right off the shelf or out of the shipping package. In other
words, you don't have to be concerned about long breaking in
processes with these gloves.

Still, if you're investing good currency on these good gloves,
you will want to take care of them. Caring for your Nike baseball
gloves correctly can make the distinction between a glove that
falls apart in a couple seasons, and one that can span years.
Your first best bet on care instructions is to check with Nike to
see precisely what they recommend to protect the special tanned
leather and finger lining.

One thing you positively can do for your glove is to store it in
a cool, dry place when you're not using it. Heat can affect the
leather, as can excess moisture. This makes the trunk of your car
the last place you should toss your glove after the game. First,
dry it down with a towel and let it air dry somewhere. Consider
oiling your glove a couple times each season. Make sure the laces
are tight. And then save the glove somewhere dry and cool like
your basement.

Also consider the diamond ready tumbled full-grain leather shell
is soft, supple and durable. Dual density energy arrest padding
gives multi layer padding for optimal comfort and palm
protection. Full grain leather palm lining for a great feel with
uttermost durability. Dri-FIT finger lining features exclusive
wicking fabric to keep hand cool and dry

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