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Here Is An Easy To Use Baseball Bats Buying Guide
Keith Kingston

When choosing a baseball bat it helps to have some kind of
rough baseball bats buying guide to help you find you way
through the maze of products that are available on the market
these days. When buying a baseball bat there are a number of
factors that you should take into consideration, before you
make your purchase. These factors include level of play and
whether you are playing with friends, in an amateur league or
in competitive tournament, size of the batter, the price you
are prepared to pay and naturally, the comfort factor.

Aluminum baseball bats tend to be the bats that are preferred
by players, over the wooden bat options. This tends to be
because aluminum bats are lighter in weight and have extra
strength. Lighter bats allow the hitter to generate enough
speed to put some extra energy into their swing, and they can
provide more "pop" of the baseball off the bat, and are much
more durable than wooden bats.

The comfort level a player feels while holding and swinging the
baseball bat, is by far the most important factor for a
potential bat buyer. Just as is the case when buying any piece
of sports equipment, the more comfortable you are the better.
When choosing a baseball bat you should take a few swings with
the bat and try to picture yourself in a game. If you are
choosing a bat for someone else say, a child - then take this
piece of advice from our baseball bats buying guide - make sure
they can swing the bat without struggling. If it is too big or
too heavy it will make it hard for them to score and this can
quickly mean they lose interest in the game.

Of course having the right size bat is also vital to having a
great game. In general, taller players should use longer bats.
Here is a table to help you work out which bat is right for you
according to your height.

Age Bat Length
5-7 24" - 26"
8-9 26"-28"
10-11 28"-30"
11-12 30"-32"
13-14 31"-32"
15-16 32"-33"
17+ 34"

Weight also has an influence on the size of the bat that is
optimal for each player. This table offers the recommended bat
weight to correspond with your weight.

Player Weight (lbs.) Best Bat Weight (oz.)
100 22
140 24
180 26
220 28
240 30
280 32

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