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Start Your Own Baseball Fantasy League
Jay Moncliff

Over the last ten years there has been an incredible increase in
people participating in baseball fantasy leagues, and fantasy
sports in general. There is really only one rule for those
involved, and that is they must have a real and ongoing interest
and appreciation of the game of baseball. Starting your own
fantasy league is easy follow the simple steps below and you will
quickly have a league you can enjoy throughout the season.

Fantasy League Step #1 Get your teams together The first step to
creating a baseball fantasy league is getting your teams
together. You need to find between 8 and 12 friends to
participate and create their own team. Why 8-12 teams? This is
the range of numbers that will give you a competitive league,
which you will need for it to be as enjoyable as possible.

Fantasy League Step #2 The Commish Just like Major League
Baseball, someone needs to be in charge. Elect a responsible and
committed Commissioner to manage the statistics weekly, and is
someone who has the opportunity and resources to distribute them
to every player in the fantasy league.

Fantasy League Step #3 One League or Two One of the oldest
questions in baseball do we need both the American and National
Leagues? Your group will need to decide whether to play with the
traditional favourites, or establish a single league.

Fantasy League Step #4 Player draft or auction Teams need
players, and the group will need to decide the best way to
individually acquire players. Both draft and auction methods
work, but whichever method you choose, stay with it throughout
the season.

Fantasy League Step #5 Rules You canít escape rules, even in a
fantasy league. Accumulation of points and recording statistics
need to be done consistently and to a standard. Agree the rules,
and ensure all teams are aware of the compliance requirements,
and what happens when they donít follow them!

Fantasy League #6 Enjoy yourself Americans in their millions play
fantasy league baseball to win money, trophies or simply for the
sake of it. No matter what your reason, make sure the final prize
is agreed by all as this gives you every player the best chance
of enjoying themselves.

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